Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Felt Up

Me plus friends like Roz here. Have joined a Brighton craft club called 'Felt Up'. We attend on Sundays and make things. There's cake, music and tea. We haven't actually made any felt yet. We've only been one week. We made a banner for the club. I made A and Roz made B. I like clubs. 

Granny and Grandpa

It's my Grandparents 50th Wedding Anniversary next August and I've decided to make a big book compiled of memories, quotes, music, photos, film, illustrations and other bits and bobs all relating to my huge family. To start, I've written letters to all my Uncles and Aunties for ideas and stories etc. I'm hoping they will all reply. I'm sending the letters tomorrow. I've wax sealed them and coded them with bits of recipe books. Completely unnecessary but fun all the same.

Street Art/Graffiti Exhibition

Popped into gallery/open studios the other day and saw these. You could open up shutters on the wall to reveal rat guts and skull. I think the idea of working in such a large scale intimidates me. I like to work small THEN blow it up.

This work was in the same gallery. It was displayed in a basement so photos are dark and out of focus. But I really like it. The artist had used small fragments of wood to raise all of her characters/images from the frames. I may try this myself!

Monday, 5 October 2009

I am ill.

These make me feel marginally better. Sniffle Sniffle.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Back In Business

It was dark when I left work today. I think this Winter will be amazing.

Now living in beautiful Brighton with a job to pay for biscuits, tea and an internet connection I can finally start blogging it up big time. Sighhh of relief. From now on my blog will simply be a way of referencing the things that truly inspire me. I can come back to it whenever I need a reminder of what it is that keeps me going..... That makes me sound depressed. But I'm not. Promise.