Monday, 8 June 2009

Asthma Check Up

I Really Really Really Want To Get:

A Sewing Machine That Actually Works
A Set of Decks
An Old School Car
A Cine/Super 8 Video Camera
An Even Older Typewriter
A Jump Suit
A Decent Scanner
A Pretty Bike With A Basket

On the plus side...I managed to sort out my studio space in the basement. It's quite incomprehensible just how much STUFF I own. I have no idea how I have accumulated it all. Need to start spending more time down there....making fun.

The First Of Many

I missed my Asthma Check Up today...The nurse rang. She didn't sound too impressed. "This isn't the first time" She said.



  1. Oh dear, shame about the appointment, but don't feel too bad. I missed an appointment to look around a house, and the guy had driven all the way over from Newton Abbot! Guilty as charged.

    Lovely little studio space. Looks like you've spent quite some time down there already! Hope you're having a great time at home, and good luck with your photo project. I'll keep an eye out.

    - Finn

  2. studio space is incredible. im feeling some sort of trip back to cornwall to sit in there with u is needed. also asthma check up. just make sure you have your inhaler with you AT ALL TIMES. i was always jealous of people with inhalers. the blue ones. not the brown ones. they scared me. aha. love love x x x

  3. Ok Thanks Fin...I feel less guilty now....although I have probably missed around 6 appointments with that nurse over the last few years. She hates me.

    Home is lovely. Just getting into doing some little projects and sitting and drinking coffee with friends in the sun! Where abouts is home for you Fin? I'm sure I've asked before....but I am a SIEVE HEAD.

    Roz a trip to back to Cornwall is a must. Please come and visit. I will make you a cosy bed and feed you home baked berry cakes. (You can come too Fin!) There is a very very big party happening in Cornwall on the 20th of this month.....It's going to be amazing. GO ON. BRING YOUR FRIENDS.....WHATEVER!

    P.S Roz! Send me your address already so I can send you some blue puffas. (I have to use the brown ones too....but I won't send you any of those)

    Love X