Monday, 23 November 2009

The Strangers Next Door.

I have posted 100 letters to houses and flats on my street 'Eaton Place'. I have simply asked my fellow street inhabitants to anonymously tell me something about themselves. They can lie if they like or simply tell me how they like to drink their tea. Whatever they feel like. They just have to write something on the back of the letter and post it back to me in the envelope provided. I have popped a few questions in the letter for people that feel comfortable answering them. Not sure what I will do with the replies (if I get any) just yet, but I would like to create some kind of image of the person from the snippet of information they choose to share with me. Who knows....gonna sit back and wait now. So excited. 

I was really inspired by this documentary I saw...

 The film-maker, Sue Bourne interviewed the people who lived on the street that she had lived on for 14 years. It filled me with an urge to start community projects and try to get to know the people who live all around me. I suppose this project is a start. 

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